Our Core Values

At WaterEquity, we are on an intentional journey to determine how we can champion diversity, equity, and inclusion not only within our organization but also within our industry. We are committed to creating a diverse work environment that is characterized by engagement, a sense of connection, and respect for the differences and contributions of all our professionals. Our core values are the pillars with which we work and show up in the world together.


Capital markets can harness the private economic benefits of safe water and sanitation, and we use them as the most direct and powerful tool to achieve our mission. Yet we never lose sight of the other benefits and dimensions of our cause, spanning health, gender equality, climate resilience, poverty alleviation and fundamental human rights.


We authentically try to create a warm and welcoming work environment. We are candid and forthright with ourselves and with our clients, while always being respectful. We are passionate in seeking out better ways to achieve our mission, while maintaining humility. We strive to master our business, through a process of continual development and growth. We simplify and streamline our work whenever possible.


We embrace the full spectrum of human experience and possibility. The best decisions and outcomes result from the melding of diverse opinions, beliefs, and perspectives. We are adamantly opposed to discrimination in any form, including that based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, or physical ability. We actively seek to promote inclusion and equity, both in our company and in our industry. 


We operate within the letter and the spirit of the law. We try to operate in the most environmentally sustainable way we can. We seek to respect and give back to the communities in which we work.

Racism and inequality have no place in our world

We believe that each person is equally worthy despite the cruel fact that not all are equally valued.

As Bryan Stevenson, the founder of Equal Justice Initiative, points out, America has succeeded in changing the culture of institutions in the past. It happened with drunk driving, then again with domestic violence, and more recently with sexual harassment. Our hope is that the same transformation will happen with respect to racism in America and worldwide.

WaterEquity was founded on the belief that access to safe water and sanitation is a basic human right. These same beliefs compel us to openly disavow racism and inequality in all its forms. There is no greater human right than freedom. Until everyone is free from the insidious shackles of racism and prejudice, none of us is truly free.

But we do not merely protest, we stand in solidarity with all communities that suffer from oppression. We demand more – more from ourselves, our community, and our industry. We shall begin by strengthening our efforts to live, serve, and act in a way that respects and enhances the freedom and equality of others.  We accept that we have a particular responsibility to lead by example in our industry. We can and will do more to address the specific breeds of racism and discrimination that exist in our own field.

As such, WaterEquity has become a Signatory with the Institutional Limited Partners Association’s (ILPA) Diversity in Action Initiative, committing to specific actions spanning talent management, investment management and external engagement that advance diversity and inclusion, both within our organization and the industry more broadly.

"Any economy with water security has a chance to realize its full potential."

– Gary White, WaterEquity Co-Founder and CEO

"When you see the difference that water can make in a community— that feeling of pure joy— there’s nothing really that can compete with that in my day job."

– Matt Damon, WaterEquity Co-Founder