Household Access

Lack of affordable financing is the key barrier preventing individuals from securing safe water and sanitation

Affordable Financing for Household-level Water
and Sanitation Solutions

WaterEquity is expanding affordable financing for water and sanitation solutions to low-income consumers, many of which are already paying for water and sanitation—in either time or in exorbitant prices—to unreliable water vendors and/or loan sharks.

Among low-income consumers, at least 600 million people could access water and sanitation products, services, and upgrades if financing was available, equating to a $35 billion market demand over the next decade.1 WaterEquity was established to dramatically scale dedicated financing for the water and sanitation sector. Many financial institutions are unable to source consistent capital to expand access to water and sanitation financing. As a result, only a small percentage of the demand is being met, leaving hundreds of millions of potential clients without access to affordable financing for their water and sanitation needs.

WaterEquity addresses this unmet demand by providing debt capital to creditworthy financial institutions in emerging markets to enable them to scale their water and sanitation lending activities. These financial institutions use investment capital to expand their water and sanitation microloan portfolios, as well as on-lend to local enterprises delivering water and sanitation products and services.

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From Investment to Opportunity:

a representation of how impact is achieved

Investment to Opportunity: providing funding

WaterEquity lends to a financial institution in an emerging market—such as Annapurna Finance Ltd. In India—for the exclusive purpose of scaling water and sanitation microlending for low-income families.

Investment to Opportunity: providing microloans

The financial institution provides water or sanitation microloan to an end-client such as Nandini—a mother and micro-entrepreneur. Nandini uses the microloan to purchase and install a household water or sanitation solution.

Investment to Opportunity: providing opportunity

Nandini pays back the microloan in monthly or weekly installments. With household access, Nandini is healthier and able to spend more time working at her shop and providing for her family.

Global repayment rate: 99%

"Any economy with water security has a chance to realize its full potential."

– Gary White, WaterEquity Co-Founder and CEO

"When you see the difference that water can make in a community— that feeling of pure joy— there’s nothing really that can compete with that in my day job."

– Matt Damon, WaterEquity Co-Founder