Remuneration Policy​

WaterEquity’s approach to remuneration is consistent with sustainability risk integration by promoting an inclusive company culture and aligning the interests of the company to investors.  

Promoting an Inclusive Company Culture 

WaterEquity embraces the full spectrum of human experience and possibility. We believe the diversity of our employees is one of our most valuable assets. We believe we make the best decisions and can achieve the best outcomes when there is a melding of diverse opinions, beliefs, and perspectives. We are adamantly opposed to discrimination in any form, and we actively seek to promote inclusion and equity, both in our company and in our industry. Please read our Core Values, which are a testament to the ways in which we promote an inclusive company culture.  

Aligning the Interests of the Company to Investors 

WaterEquity seeks to align the interests of the company to its fund investors through a balance of fixed and variable compensation that promotes sustainable value. Remuneration is designed to minimize conflicts of interest and discourage behavior that is inconsistent with our risk management policies. In addition to a fixed wage, employees are eligible for annual bonuses and participation in the WaterEquity Linked Earnings and Performance (“LEAP”) plan. The LEAP plan is an incentive program that links compensation to individual performance and company performance. Individuals are awarded LEAP points that reflect individual performance, and the value of each LEAP point is determined by company performance.